Tank Depot


With decades of experience in the container depot industry, we understand the need for high quality, reliable and effective maintenance services. Building on the foundation of the first innovative sky depot at  Cogent 1.Logistics Hub, we have expanded our scope of services in Jurong Island, offering full-fledged ISO Tank depot services, including ISO tank cleaning and maintenance services at Cogent Jurong Island Logistics Hub,  a convenient and synergistic location for tenants in Jurong island.

With experienced staff and a wide range of complementary logistics services, we will be able to customise our services to suit the needs of our customers with our brand-new facilities in Jurong Island.

Our Services

Cogent Tank Depot is an ISO tank cleaning depot in Jurong Island with a state-of-the-art cleaning system; 200 bar high pressure rotary for handling difficult to clean cargoes, blowers to ensure quicker tank turnaround and a dedicated air purification system which allows treatment of odorous chemicals.

Cogent Tank Depot offers various levels of cleaning options and services not previously available in Singapore.

Cogent Tank Depot offers the following services:

  • ISO Tank Depot Storage
  • Cleaning Services (Food Grade and Chemical Grade)
  • Repair and Maintenance Services for ISO Tank Containers (Minor and Major repairs) includes:
    • Exterior Frame Structure
    • Exterior Cladding & Insulation
    • GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) / Normal Aluminium and Powder Coated Aluminium Tanks
    • Interior Shell Barrel Straightening
    • Interior Shell Barrel Insert
    • Various Tank Modifications
  • Services for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Highlights & Special Features

  • All repairs and work done to ISO Tanks comply to ITCO ACC & ITCO ACC PLUS criteria
  • Capable of handling a wide range of cargoes, including providing Food Grade and Chemical cleaning services.
  • Multiple bays for high cleaning throughput of ISO Tanks, up to 16 tanks capacity at any one time
  • Strategic location on Jurong Island for work productivity, and convenience for tank washing
  • Waste Water Treatment facilities
  • Highly skilled and experienced technicians that are trained to handle various types of repair and maintenance services