Cogent One-Stop Logistics Hub


At over 1.6 million square feet Gross Floor Area (GFA), Cogent One-Stop Logistics Hub is one of Singapore’s largest one-stop integrated logistics hub. Based on Cogent’s award-winning design, the Cogent One-Stop Logistics Hub boasts the world’s first and only container depot located on its rooftop. With its completion in 2014, the iconic landmark of the Cogent One-Stop Logistics Hub stands at over 110 metres in height (equivalent to a 40-storey residential building), towering monumentally over the Jurong and Tuas industry landscape.

As an integrated full-service logistics hub, Cogent One-Stop Logistics Hub consolidates the current Cogent Group operations (warehousing, container depot and transportation services) under one roof. Its location at 1 Buroh Crescent is strategically situated close to Jurong Port and Jurong Island while being only a stone’s throw away from Singapore’s future Tuas Mega Port. This gives us a geographical advantage in delivering your logistics needs.

At Cogent One-Stop Logistics Hub, our commitment is to provide customers with an extensive range of services at competitive prices. Our full suite of services encompasses transportation, warehousing management and container depot management. By consolidating all our operations within a single facility, Cogent One-Stop Logistics Hub is equipped to be a one-stop solutions provider which you can depend on for safer and smoother operations.

Our Services

  • Ramp-up warehousing facilities for storing flammables, NEA-controlled chemicals, projects and general cargoes
  • Container depot with¬†vast storage capacity that is able to stack up to 13-high and hold more than 8,500 TEUs of empty containers
  • Charging stations for refrigerated containers
  • Container repair, washing and maintenance centres
  • Open yard spaces for laden containers and bulk cargoes on ground level

Our Strength & Cutting-Edge Technology

  • We obtained international patents for our innovative, state-of-the-art and space-saving design that includes a container depot at the top of the building. We are also the only depot to utilise overhead bridge cranes instead of reach stackers.
  • Strategic Location

Cogent One-Stop Logistics Hub is located at 1 Buroh Crescent, which is strategically located along Jalan Buroh and surrounded by major logistics facilities.

Our Integrated Design Includes:

  • Enhanced Land Productivity
    By locating our container depot on the roof of our warehouse, we fully maximise our usage of the land space. Our rooftop container depot design can stack up to 13 empty containers as compared to a normal depot that can only stack up to 7 to 9 containers. This allows us to have a higher storage capacity over a smaller area, which is highly essential in the land-scarce Singapore.
  • Elevated Work Productivity

Warehouse and container depots are typically situated at separate locations and require long transport and waiting time to collect and return containers to the depot. With the warehouse and container depot located within a single building, we can shorten the transport cycle by saving one trip per cycle and shorten the waiting time, thus reducing cost and enhancing productivity. Shipping containers collected from our integrated depot can be delivered to the warehouse within minutes. Additionally, operations can handle higher volume within the same amount of time, which translates to greater savings for customers. This allows seamless synergy of operations as our hub incorporates all the shipping-related processes under one roof.

  • Improved Work Place Safety Conventional Inland Container Depots (ICD) are located in an open yard, leaving the stacked containers exposed to possible strong winds. Our open-air rooftop depot has metal claddings affixed to its sides, effectively shielding the containers from strong wind. As such, the risk of stacked containers toppling is completely eliminated.
  • A large single floor plate of approximately 280,000 square feet enables the housing of all operations on a single floor to achieve economies of scale
  • Storage facilities for reefer containers with 160 charging stations
  • Full-fledged container maintenance, refurbishment and repair centres at both ends of the depot
  • Dedicated loading / unloading areas for each warehouse with a high number of dock levelers to area ratio (approximately 15 per 100,000 square feet)
  • Purpose-built warehouse modules to store Class Chemicals, Project Cargoes and General Cargoes

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