In the corporate world, success does not occur by chance but through the collective efforts of everyone in the organisation. Instrumental to our continual success, Cogent is committed to investing in our human capital. Year after year, we continue to reaffirm this philosophy, as we focus on attracting and nurturing a team of dynamic and energetic leaders for the future through our specially designed Management Trainee Programme.

Should you be keen to work in an environment that is challenging, interesting and immensely rewarding, Cogent offers a wide variety of career opportunities.

Through our consistent campaigns in local universities, we present to young graduates a progressive image of Cogent. This enables us to reach out to talented young people and inform them about the great opportunity to join the band of esteemed individuals. Given the talent pool to select from, only the crème de la crème will be selected to join the prestigious team. All our management trainees possess strong leadership and an unwavering desire to learn and succeed.

In Cogent, we believe in humility, that actions speak louder than words and the thirst to mount the next echelon of excellence. The learning journey of our management trainees are hinged on the belief that only by ground-up approach and various rotations can the appreciation of Cogent’s business segment be achieved. The progressive path upwards provides grounding for our future leaders to lead and make sound corporate decisions. The myriad opportunities for management trainees to move between different departments allow management trainees to hone their individual competency and gain wide spectrum of exposures.

Unlike conventional management trainee program, Cogent believes that learning should be a boundless journey. We invest generously in trainings and skills upgrading programmes because we know that our young management trainees today will bring Cogent to the next pinnacle tomorrow.

It has been an adventurous and meaningful journey since I started as a Management Trainee at Cogent. Being assigned to the various business units such as Automotive Logistics, Supply Chain Warehouse, and Project Cargo Logistics allowed me to gain valuable experience through exposure to fundamental operations processes, contract negotiations and progressive improvement of work processes for higher productivity and efficiency.

Besides gaining exposure in the various functions and processes, I am grateful that the Company has given me many opportunities to participate and work on Management level projects, i.e. budgeting and business development. Through these projects, I was able to gain a more holistic understanding into how the Company operates.

Being in Cogent has truly developed me as an individual. I now possess the grit to keep myself going to meet the many challenges ahead. I have also honed my analytical skills that will help me consider all the possible outcomes before making the best decisions. I have also learnt essential communication skills necessary to build good rapport with my colleague, clients, and vendors.

Lim Boon Tiong, Deputy General Manager
Graduated from the National University of Singapore with Honours in Applied Chemistry

I was initially hesitant to join Cogent Holdings Limited, a predominantly logistics-based company, as a Management Trainee. Looking back, it was a decision that I am glad to have made.

Cogent’s Management Trainee Programme has provided me with the opportunity to build up foundation knowledge in the logistics industry by rotating me through their diverse business units involving Automotive Logistics, Warehousing, Project Cargo operations and Property Management. With exposure to the whole gamut of the company’s core functions, including operations, administration, accounts and marketing, I have been well-equipped with a multi-disciplinary approach and understanding to solve any future challenges.

Another important aspect of the Management Trainee Programme involves the extensive mentorship and personal development training that instilled in me the soft skills required for the eventual management role that I am to play within the company.

Teo Jun Yuan, Senior Manager
Graduated from the National University of Singapore with Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

Like many other SMU graduates, my past internship and job experiences were in the banking industry. Coming to Cogent was a huge change in my career. However, this has been an exhilarating journey for me.

Being part of a rapidly growing organisation requires us to constantly adapt to the dynamic business environment. Despite our limited knowledge in the various business functions, Management Trainees are put through many job rotations and assignments. These are invaluable opportunities for us to learn from our seniors and fellow colleagues.

While working closely with the top management, we are given opportunities to be involved in management decisions and projects. It is satisfying to know that we are able to contribute significantly in each project.

I truly value the close friendships and bonds forged among the Management Trainees and colleagues. I am thankful and grateful towards my direct superiors and mentors for the business knowledge and experiences that they have shared with me.

Shaun Chia, Manager
Graduated from Singapore Management of University with Bachelor of Business Management (Magna Cum Laude)

Ever since I was studying in University, I have wanted a career where I could continue to learn and grow into a better person. I am glad to have found it in Cogent. Cogent focuses on continuous improvement and growth together with its people. The learning opportunities have been plentiful for me and I have always been inspired to push myself beyond my comfort zone and to develop full ownership of each project.

No day is exactly like the one before and it will continue to be exciting and challenging that I look forward to. I am truly grateful with the rewarding career prospects and growth that I have been provided with and the team-oriented environment with a group of supportive peers.

It has been an enriching and fulfilling journey for me so far and I envisage myself to continue my journey with the company for many more years to come.

We must never stop learning and always strive to continuously improve -– this is who we are!

Lim Wei Jie, Manager
Graduated from the National University of Singapore with Bachelor Degree in Applied Chemistry

As an engineering graduate, the logistics industry was never in my career planning. However, my interesting career started as a Management Trainee with Cogent.

Whenever I am asked what my job scope in my current position is, I have a hard time providing a standard answer as my job scope is wide-ranging, varied and very challenging. I appreciate the ample opportunities given by my superiors who have exposed me to various fields, including construction projects, business development, marketing and operations. For each exposure, I have gained hands-on experience by walking through every stage of the project.

The continuous learning through various stages of each project is exciting and has enabled me to develop myself. I treasure the working relationships with my colleagues from various departments in this great working environment.

I am grateful to have received great mentorship from my superiors and would like to thank them for their patience in guiding us to excel.

Christine Loo, Manager
Graduated from the National University of Singapore with Bachelor in Chemical Engineering

As a Management Trainee in Cogent, I was given the opportunity to rotate to different departments to learn how the various departments are managed. I started off learning Customer Service and Operations in the Warehousing Department before being transferred to the Transport Department where I gained more insight into our businesses operations.

Besides learning about operations, Cogent has also given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the financial and administrative aspects in the logistics industry. I have been involved in reviewing, refining and developing new ideas for the department’s processes as well as drafting of contract renewals, audit documentation and setting the departmental budget. As intensive as this programme sounds, I would say I am in good hands under the professional guidance from the management and seniors.

I look forward to take on more responsibilities and challenges as well as to excel further in future!

Shina Cai, Manager
Graduated from Nanyang Technological University with Honours in Biological Sciences

With a strong interest in both Marketing and Logistics Management, my dream was realised when I joined Cogent. I had the privilege to participate in many significant projects which exposed me to different marketing functions. For every project assigned, we work as a team with experienced managers and seniors who will guide us the directions on how to come up with new initiatives to help our business stay on the leading edge. The constant support and constructive feedback I received from them have helped me to learn how to do things better and more efficiently.

Working in Cogent encourages us to be independent and take ownership of our tasks. And we are constantly pushing each other to overcome our perceived limitations. The work culture empowers us and allows us to contribute to the success of the company.

The dynamic work environment has also trained me to have a stronger and agile mind to interact with different people from all walks of life on a daily basis. I am thankful of this opportunity that I have been given and I am proud to say that I work for Cogent Holdings!

Joyce Chua, Assistant Manager
Graduated from Nanyang Technological University with Honours in Economics

Having a good start in your first career is of vast importance towards success. In Cogent, our Management Trainee Programme is specially designed for graduates to receive training and to assume management positions in the future. Management Trainees will undergo comprehensive training through assigned job rotations, along with learning and development programmes that will provide grounding and exposure to the wide spectrum of our businesses and operations.

As a Management Trainee, other than performing daily responsibilities, you will be assigned to work on special assignments under the guidance of our senior management.

Management Trainees are critical to the future continued success of Cogent. Candidates must be ready to take on new challenges. To maintain a high calibre of Management Trainees, we require candidates to possess the following skills:

  • Strong leadership and organisational abilities
  • Strong desire to learn and succeed
  • Positive, high energy, enthusiasm and drive
  • Enjoy working and engaging with people from all walks of life

If you have what it takes to be the future leader of Cogent, you are welcome to apply for Cogent’s Management Trainee Programme!

To apply, email to